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NRE Group provide high-quality turnkey real estate projects meeting the latest energy requirements. We create profitable and attractive solutions for everybody involved, adding value to real estate investments. The core of our business is construction work. We have the experience to be part of the entire process - from idea to hand-over - creating complete and efficient solutions.


    In cooperation with the customer we examine needs and develop ideas, which form the basis for the best customer solution.


    When the project has been designed, we obtain all necessary permits and liaise with the authorities.


    As the turnkey contractor, we ensure that all subcontractors fulfil the agreed terms and that the project proceeds as planned.


    When there is a need for external investors, we help bring together the right parties and create agreements beneficial to all.


    We help to find the right mix of tenants and draft the agreements required for the project to succeed.

We are proud

that NRE Denmark A/S has obtained an AAA rating, which means that the company has the best possible credit rating.


During the past 25 years, NRE Groups' core project team has delivered exciting residential projects and more than 1,000,000 square metres of floor space for leading retail chains in Denmark, Sweden and Germany – and in addition also office buildings and domiciles throughout Denmark and Sweden.


New Senior Project Manager for NRE Denmark A/S

4 October 2018

As per 1 November 2018 we have employed Per Jørgensen as Senior Project Manager at NRE Denmark A/S

Per has a background as building constructor and has worked for the last 20 years in the construction industry, recently as project director at MT Højgaard.

Per will be a part of our office in Ikast.

We are looking forward to welcoming Per as a part of the NRE team.

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    The Silo wins Renoverprisen

    The Silo in Copenhagen's Nordhavn receives great recognition with RENOVER Prisen as Denmark's best renovation project in 2018. Out of 182 entries, the prize was awarded on Thursday, September 6th to the team behind the renovation of the former grain silo in Copenhagen's Nordhavn; COBE, Klaus Kastbjerg and NRE Denmark.

    It was the chairman of the nomination committee, Gøsta Knudsen, who presented the award:
    "The Silo is a billiant example of an ambitious transformation of a post-industrial harbour area into attractive, exclusive residences. This is of great value as there are multiple abandoned silos located around Denmark's harbour areas, awaiting the decision to be reused or demolished. The recklessness of The Silo's material roughness, the interior design and the groundbreaking architectural facade expression are all so promising and innovative that there is absolutely no doubt about the renovation's calibre."

    The RENOVER award is founded by Realdania and Grundejernes Investeringsfond and was first time awarded in 2013. The purpose of the award is to provide renovation projects the visibility and recognition that the discipline deserves.

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    Photo: Melissa Ørnstrup

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    The Silo wins International Award

    The Silo in Copenhagen's Nordhavn receives great recognition with an international award as the Best Tall Building in Europe 2018. The building was one of five European finalists in the competition for the CTBUH 2018 Awards. The competition was held by The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) which is the world's largest high-rise building organization.
    The Silo won the award against a number of much larger high-rise buildings in both London, Berlin and Paris. The jury’s reason sounded: "The Silo embodies the importance of restoring original structures in cities, as a matter of environmental sustainability, as well as an ethical and visionary approach to cultural heritage”.
    The transformation of the old grain silo is made in close collaboration between the architect firm COBE and the builders Klaus Kastbjerg and NRE Denmark. NRE Denmark has also had the role as main contractor.
    Project Manager Caroline Nagel from COBE says: "As architects one of the hardest jobs of working on a project like this is that we’re already falling in love with the old silo structure, this monolithic, slim and aesthetic building, and it’s a question of how you can transform it into a livable building that still contains the old soul of the silo. With the construction we show how it is possible to create unique architecture while retaining some of the city's old structures."
    Jacob Eiskjær Olesen, CEO of NRE Denmark A/S, says: "The transformation of the old structure gave significant challenges. Many openings had to be made in order to bring light into the building, while ensuring the structure and compensating for quite large imbalances in the old building. In the role as both main contractor and builder, we were able to ensure that the architectural visions were able to build."
    The other builder, Klaus Kastbjerg from Unionkul Holding, says: "The attention that The Silo now receive shows that it makes sense to pursue a dream. In this case the dream was to preserve one of the unique landmarks of the Nordhavn and bring it into a new age. Of course, we got some surprises along the way, but overall we believe that the project shows a way forward for the renovation of old industrial areas in the cities."
    The award ceremony took place on 30th-31th. May in Chicago in connection with the annual 2018 Tall+Urban Innovation Conference.
    Further information:
    Press contact NRE Denmark A/S:
    Søren Katholm
    Mobile: +45 31 44 15 95
    Press contact COBE:
    Stine Lund Hansen
    Mobile: +45 27 29 24 42
    Photos can be downloaded here:
    Photo 1:    
    Caption: The Silo in Nordhavn has won the award as Best Tall Building Europe in 2018 (photo: COASTARC / R. Hjortshøj).
    Photo 2:   
    Caption: The old gain silo was outside covered with insulation and custom made steel elements (photo: COASTARC /R. Hjortshøj).

    Photo 3:   
    With raw concrete walls and modern design The Silo offers a truly unique experience of city, water and sky. 
    Photo 4:   
    Klaus Kastbjerg at the award ceremony in Chicago. In the background from left Caroline Nagel (COBE), Anne-Louise Kastbjerg (Unionkul Holding) and Steve Watts (CTBUH).

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    Last stage of Center Syd in Kolding

    Three years after the opening of the first stage of Center Syd in Kolding, the construction of the third and final stages has just begun. As in the first and second stages, NRE Denmark A / S has been selected as a total contractor for construction, expected to be completed in late summer.

    Henrik Munk Thomsen from Hesø Group, who stands behind the development of the area, says: "It has been a constructive and amazing journey to see a worn business area transformed into a dynamic retail area with a range of strong retail chains in Denmark that can meet the purchasing needs of a large group of customers - both from Kolding, but also from the surrounding cities south and west of Kolding."

    The current stores in the area are Rema 1000, Jem & Fix, Pet World, Burger King and Føtex. When stage 3 is completed they will be accompanied by Jysk, Fitness World and Vonsild Apotek.

    Overall, the Center Syd comprises almost 10,000 constructed square meters. The area is encircled by Vonsildvej, Industrivej, Olgas Alle and Sdr. Ringvej with easy access to the 2 highways at Vonsild and Kolding Syd, as well as Kolding Centrum.

    Further information:
    Søren Katholm
    Mobile: +45 31 44 15 95
    Caption: The construction seen from the air, March 2018 (Photo: Jesper Larsen)

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Who we are

who we are

NRE Group A/S was founded in 2010. The company is based on more than 25 years of experience from the construction and real estate business in Denmark and Scandinavia. Our employees are our greatest assets - with many years of experience from construction and real estate development.

"With NRE as your partner, you get a professional and competent project team, focusing on the delivery of turnkey projects and striving to live up to the expectations of our customers."

Director, Jacob Olesen

Our core values
are the foundation of our business; they express what we believe in, and what we constantly strive to live up to. They describe our view of the world around us, and of ourselves.

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We put our customers first - they are our priority.

We keep it simple and clear for those involved.

What we say, we do.

We excedd agreed parameters, in terms of customer service, deadlines and quality.

We are conscious of costs in everything we do.

We maintain an ambitious and focused atmosphere with room for creativity and individualism.

We strive to create a collaborative and mutually supportive environment, and we continually endeavor to have the right people on our team.


NRE Group A/S was established in 2010 and is based on the experience and expertise we have gained during more than 25 years in the real estate business.

The history of the NRE Group dates back to 1972 with the foundation of the company Ikast Byggeindustri A/S - later known as IBI. Starting out as a traditional carpentry, IBI gradually became involved in larger and more complex construction projects. IBI's primary focus became project development and construction management for retailers. IBI established subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway and Finland and became the market leader in project development and construction of properties for retail. Furthermore, they played and important part within retail and office/domiciles. In 2006, IBI was sold.


At NRE Group we have chosen to have a conscious policy regarding our social responsibility in the world. It is important for us to show respect to the different relationships that we work with. We therefore always meet the latest quality and energy demands, and try to optimize the solutions we present to our partners.

We take responsibility for the world we live in by sponsoring humanitarian and charitable causes. At present we support the following key organizations:

NRE is based on expertise

and experience which we have gained during more than 25 years in the real estate business. Our goal is to exceed agreed parameters in terms of customer service, deadlines and quality.


Be a part of the team

We are always interested in hearing from qualified people. You are welcome to send us an unsolicited application or give us a call – and we may end up having chat over a cup of coffee. Perhaps one of our current vacancies fits your profile.



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