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NRE Group A/S presents solid financial statements

8 July 2022

The real estate and construction group NRE Group A/S has just released the financial statements for 2021/2022 and presents a solid profit of DKK 35.7 million in NRE Group A/S. The results of the NRE Group and the Parent Company for the financial year show a profit before tax of DKK 35.7 million, and at 30 April 2022, equity including minority interests amounts to DKK 108.5 million. The balance sheet of the Group is stated at DKK 367.0 million, and the equity ratio is 28.9%. In 2021/2022, the result of NRE Group's sister group, NRE Real Estate A/S for the financial year shows a profit before tax of DKK 10.5 million. The total profit before tax for NRE Group and NRE Real Estate for 2021/2022 amounts to DKK 46.2 million. The total equity in the two sister groups amounts to DKK 199.6 million. Jacob Olesen, CEO and partner of NRE Group, considers the result to be satisfactory and states: “In the past financial year, the real estate industry has been characterized by a hectic level of activity, and the construction industry has experienced rising construction prices and difficult delivery conditions. In a market like this, it is all about having talented colleagues and I am very proud of the way our employees have tackled the various market challenges.” However, the difficult market conditions seem to continue in 2022/2023, and at present there are still rising construction prices, rising interest rates and historically high inflation levels. These conditions create uncertainty in the industry, and this can clearly be seen in the stricter financing conditions. Despite the difficult market conditions, NRE Group feels well equipped for the coming years: “We are true to our strategy, and therefore we have peace of mind. We collaborate with solid and well-established partners, and we will continue a fine activity level in 2022/2023 across Denmark, Norway and Sweden.” says Jacob Olesen.

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NRE Group provide high-quality turnkey real estate projects meeting the latest energy requirements. We create profitable and attractive solutions for everybody involved, adding value to real estate investments. The core of our business is construction work. We have the experience to be part of the entire process - from idea to hand-over - creating complete and efficient solutions.


    In cooperation with the customer we examine needs and develop ideas, which form the basis for the best customer solution.


    When the project has been designed, we obtain all necessary permits and liaise with the authorities.


    As the turnkey contractor, we ensure that all subcontractors fulfil the agreed terms and that the project proceeds as planned.


    When there is a need for external investors, we help bring together the right parties and create agreements beneficial to all.


    We help to find the right mix of tenants and draft the agreements required for the project to succeed.

We keep our word, we build on trust and we maintain good relations.

Who we are


NRE Group A/S was founded in 2010. The company is based on more than 25 years of experience from the construction and real estate business in Denmark and Scandinavia. Our employees are our greatest assets - with many years of experience from construction and real estate development.

„With NRE as your partner, you get a professional and competent project team, focusing on the delivery of turnkey projects and striving to live up to the expectations of our customers.”

Director, Jacob Olesen

Our core values
are the foundation of our business; they express what we believe in, and what we constantly strive to live up to. They describe our view of the world around us, and of ourselves.



We put our customers first - they are our priority.

We keep it simple and clear for those involved.

What we say, we do.

We excedd agreed parameters, in terms of customer service, deadlines and quality.

We are conscious of costs in everything we do.

We maintain an ambitious and focused atmosphere with room for creativity and individualism.

We strive to create a collaborative and mutually supportive environment, and we continually endeavor to have the right people on our team.


NRE Group A/S was established in 2010 and is based on the experience and expertise we have gained during more than 25 years in the real estate business.

The history of the NRE Group dates back to 1972 with the foundation of the company Ikast Byggeindustri A/S - later known as IBI. Starting out as a traditional carpentry, IBI gradually became involved in larger and more complex construction projects. IBI's primary focus became project development and construction management for retailers. IBI established subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway and Finland and became the market leader in project development and construction of properties for retail. Furthermore, they played and important part within retail and office/domiciles. In 2006, IBI was sold.


At NRE Group we have chosen to have a conscious policy regarding our social responsibility in the world. It is important for us to show respect to the different relationships that we work with. We therefore always meet the latest quality and energy demands, and try to optimize the solutions we present to our partners.

We take responsibility for the world we live in by sponsoring humanitarian and charitable causes. At present we support the following key organizations:

NRE is based on expertise

and experience which we have gained during more than 25 years in the real estate business. Our goal is to exceed agreed parameters in terms of customer service, deadlines and quality.



With a strong and well-functioning team
solves NRE tasks throughout Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Be a part of the team

We are always interested in hearing from qualified people. You are welcome to send us an unsolicited application or give us a call – and we may end up having chat over a cup of coffee. Perhaps one of our current vacancies fits your profile.


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