KIRK Kapital and NRE expandes their cooperation

NRE Denmark A/S Finsensvej 3 DK-7430 Ikast
16 October 2018
Kirk Kapital A/S and NRE Denmark A/S have expanded their cooperation. They have just made an agreement to build a new stage with 48 condominiums on Havneøen in Vejle. The builder on the project will be a joint venture company between the parties. NRE Denmark A/S will have the role as contractor, which also was the case in the first stage.

The 48 apartments will be established in two towers with a total area of 4,515 square meters. The total area of Havneøen will thus reached about 15,000 square meters. The two towers are built in fire and seven floors with penthouse apartments at the top floor. A large part of the apartments will have a view to Vejle Fjord. The apartments in second stage varies in size between 58 to 153 square meters and will be smaller than the apartments in the first stage.

The architect company, Arkitema Architechts, has drawn the building. The architecture of the project is thought into the overall vision for Havneøen which is focused on creating a new, vibrant and complex urban district at the waterfront. As in first stage, the new housing towers is built in brick materials with different façade expressions for each house.

At Kirk Kapital the CEO, Kim Gulstad, look forward to stating another stage of Havneøen in cooperation with NRE Denmark: “We look forward to begin the next stage of the project. Especially we are pleased that, the two towers get the same expression and same high quality as the first four towers at Havneøen”.

At NRE Denmark they are also pleased that the cooperation about Havneøen continues. The company CEO, Jacob Eiskjær Olesen, says: ”Havneøen is an incredibly and exciting project and we see it as a project that will set benchmark for the future development of city near harbour. We are glad for the trust, as Kirk once again has shown us – and we look forward to the cooperation, now both in the role as builder and constructor”.

The second stage of Havneøen is expected to be finish in the summer 2020. Together with the new headquarters of Kirk Kapital and Fjordenhus, drawn by Olafur Eliasson, the Havneøen will form a part of the new waterfront in Vejle. It will open up the city life towards Vejle Fjord.

Press contact Kirk Kapital A/S:
Morten Jeppesen, Press Connect A/S
Mobil: +45 53 85 07 70

Press contact NRE Denmark A/S:
Søren Katholm
Mobil: +45 31 44 15 95

Download the illustration of the of the building her:
Visualization 1
Caption: Visualization of the two new housing towers on Havneøen in Vejle.
NRE Denmark A/S Finsensvej 3 DK-7430 Ikast