NRE expands Plantorama in Hillerød

NRE Denmark A/S Finsensvej 3 DK-7430 Ikast
1 October 2021
NRE Denmark A/S has begun construction of a 4,800 m2 extension of the existing Plantorama center in Hillerød. The new extension is a so-called rovero, of which 1,250 m2 will be a high-bay warehouse and 3,450 m2 will be a covered garden plant department, in which the roof can be opened and closed as needed. Along with the expansion, the parking lot will be increased to 500 parking spaces.
Tue Akstrup Jensen, project manager at Plantorama, says: “We want to give our customers an experience every time they visit Plantorama. The new extension makes it possible to expand the range in our store in Hillerød with room for even more good customer experiences. We have chosen to continue working with NRE as our partner, because we feel confident in leaving the management of the construction to them. ”
In connection with the expansion, several environmental and energy-saving measures will be installed, such as solar panels and rainwater collection systems on the roof of the rovero.
Jacob Eiskjær Olesen, CEO of NRE Denmark, says: “We are pleased that Plantorama has chosen to continue collaboration with NRE. It is a great pleasure to be responsible for such a significant expansion of an already well-functioning center, which will also be the largest in the country once the extension is completed. ”
With the expansion, Plantorama in Hillerød will be the country's largest garden center to date with a total of 14,800 m2. The new extension will be built as a turnkey contract by NRE Denmark, and is expected to be completed in the spring of 2022. Plantorama will be open during construction.
NRE Denmark A/S Finsensvej 3 DK-7430 Ikast