NRE Implements a new tool for sustainability

NRE Group A/S Finsensvej 3 DK-7430 Ikast
23 June 2022

In collaboration with COWI and Arkitema, NRE has implemented a new life cycle assesment (LCA) platform, which collects data on a project's environmental impact on the construction site.

The tool will help to make the environmental impact on the construction site more observable and collect and analyze data in real time from the beginning to the end of a project. LCA can thus be used as a decision-making tool which can, among other things, help to ensure that projects stay within the planned levels in relation to emissions, and can influence how decisions are made based on concrete data.
NRE has already from January 1st 2022 initiated the use of the platform on its projects. It has been made standard on all future projects. Among other things, the platform has been implemented on the construction of the 15-storey building at the World Trade Center in Ballerup. Based on the data collected, NRE expects to be able to account for the total CO2 emissions at the construction site when finishing projects, as well as identify possible sustainable initiatives and improvements on future projects.
“Knowing your own starting point is crucial to being able to improve. Therefore, we want an overview of in which phases and from which sources CO2 emissions occur. When we know that, it is possible to make an optimization plan ", says Jacob Olesen, CEO of NRE.

In the NRE, they emphasize the importance of incorporating and using the LCA early in the projects. The choices made early in the process can have a major impact on the lifespan of the building, and those choices are not always possible to change later. Therefore, it can be crucial to be able to make good and well-thought-out choices on a well-informed basis as early in the projects as possible.

In 2023, new requirements will be introduced in the building regulations, which will mean that there will be a greater need in the industry for transparent data and easy collection of the environmental impacts from materials included in the construction. The implementation of the LCA Platform will streamline and structure the collection of documentation to make it less time consuming and more transparent for everyone.

“Nothing is ever implemented and 100% functional from day 1. It is important that we address the challenges so that we as a turnkey contractor do not get behind on working with LCA. The new requirements in the building regulations are characterized by a top-down mindset, and it is therefore important that we act responsibly, and get it implemented where the work actually take place – on the construction site ", says Jacob Olesen, and continues:" To do CO2 calculations right now is still a cost that we incur in NRE. We feel a responsibility as the industry emits a lot of CO2. Therefore, CO2 calculation of the execution phase is a step in the right direction towards far more sustainable constructions.”

The new LCA Platform has given NRE the opportunity to reconcile the way they work with sustainability and documentation, and it makes it possible to treat sustainability equally to the more classic project parameters such as time and economy. It is a very concrete method that will support NRE's ambitions for sustainability in all future projects.

NRE Group A/S Finsensvej 3 DK-7430 Ikast