NRE hires new straff in Norway

NRE Norway AS Karenslyst Allé 2 0278 Oslo
5 September 2023
After acquiring several exciting projects in recent years, NRE has strengthened the organization for further growth by hiring three new employees.
“With a growing project portfolio and several larger projects in the Eastern Norway, we are increasing our staff to be equipped to create the exceptional urban development projects that makes us stand out” says CEO Allan Sønderbæk in NRE.
Martin Bjørntvedt is employed as project manager at NRE and comes from the position of project developer at Bonava. Bjørntvedt has extensive experience from both the client's side and as a contractor through time in both Greater Oslo, Betonmast and Veidekke. He will manage the project implementation and naturally cooperate with the contractor side.
Sara Trier is the new sales and market executive and has 13 years' experience from the property industry with sales, development and marketing of property. She comes most recently from the position of marketing manager and project developer at Tinholt Eiendom.
She is responsible for sales and marketing of the housing projects and has already completed the start of sales at "Sentrumshagene" in Ås. With 57 sales in the project since the start of sales in May 2023, the project is approaching the start of construction.

"We are very pleased with sales and that the customers appreciate the project's qualities, architecture and the fantastic location in the heart of Ås" says Sara Trier.
Jeanette Bratt is the new head of development at NRE. She comes from the position of development manager at Tinholt Eiendom and has a background as an architect for 12 years. Bratt has broad experience in the development and regulation of housing projects and she will have the main responsibility for the development of the housing projects in NRE's portfolio.
All three new employees have started their jobs.
Sees opportunities for more property purchases

NRE has already secured several large projects in its portfolio in Asker, Lillestrøm, Drammen, Ås and Oslo and see opportunities for more bargains in the future.

"At NRE, we are concerned with creating thought-through projects and attractive neighborhoods through good architecture, quality, and the basis for good neighborhoods in and around the projects. To be able to do this, we need to have the right people with us. It is a talented group with many different qualities who join NRE" says Allan Sønderbæk.
NRE Norway AS Karenslyst Allé 2 0278 Oslo