NRE Sweden receives land allocation in Rågsved

NRE Sweden AB Solna Business Park Englundavägen 7D S-17 141 Solna
6 February 2024
Since 2020, NRE Sweden has been one of six developers tasked with developing Rågsved with new housing, services, and preschool facilities. A total of approximately 430 new residences are planned in the Bjursätragatan, an area in Stockholm municipality.

NRE Sweden already has option agreements for two sub-areas along Bjursätragatan consisting of 12 townhouses and about 60 apartments. The new option agreement for a third construction site, adding around 100 condominiums, was completed, and signed in the fall of 2023, and is located next to the other two construction sites.

Through the expanded option agreement, the conditions of the original agreement have also been adjusted regarding ownership form. The new agreement thus allows, in addition to owner-occupied homes, a new concept in the form of co-living for young adults.

"We are very pleased that the municipality of Stockholm has entrusted us with the opportunity to develop another block in Rågsved," says Eric Engdahl, Project developer at NRE Sweden. "It is particularly pleasing that within the framework of the new option agreement, we are now also given the opportunity to develop collective housing, a form of housing we strongly believe in. We are now strengthening the ability to offer a wide range of residences in various sizes and ownership forms, an inclusive form of urban development that we believe is a success factor for socially sustainable development."

The blocks are located along Bjursätragatan within walking distance of both Rågsved's nature reserve and the subway. The detailed plan has been out for consultation during 2022/23, and work on adjustments for the review stage is ongoing. The district plan is expected to gain legal force by 2026.
NRE Sweden AB Solna Business Park Englundavägen 7D S-17 141 Solna