Developing Smestad in cooperation with the citizen

NRE Norway AS Karenslyst Allé 2 0278 Oslo
29 February 2024

NRE and NorgesGruppen, together with partners, will develop Hoffsveien 92 and Sørkedalsveien 90 A and B - just south of the metro station. While the municipality is working on a new area regulation for Smestad, NRE is making good use of the waiting time. They have engaged the four architectural firms AART, Grape, Mad arkitekter and Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter for an architectural competition for the property.

The four proposals were exhibited at Smestad this week, and NRE has planned a close participation process, when the property is to be converted.

- We want the public's help in creating a project that contributes to strengthening the central Smestad area as a neighborhood centre, says Jeanette Bratt, head of development at NRE.

The development in the area will create new meeting places, shops and beautiful apartments.

- We strongly believe that Smestad as a destination can become something more than it is today. And the four architectural proposals show the great potential this property has. We want to develop a project with a varied trade and service offer, which helps to create more meeting places in an inviting and pleasant urban space. Therefore we would very much like to hear what people in the neighborhood want, she continues.

On the website, the public can explore the four architectural proposals. Here you can vote for your favorite, answer a survey and submit longer posts.

The participation process will be included in the assessment when the winner of the architectural competition is chosen. This gives the public a unique opportunity to influence development at Smestad.
Participation takes place both digitally and on the property. The architectural proposals are exhibited in Hoffsveien 92 throughout February and March. And the exhibition is open to the public. Here you can see the projects in larger formats and go in-depth with conversations with the development manager.

- We would like to have lots of visitors and we look forward to meeting the residents, says Bratt.

NRE, in collaboration with several partners, is behind Smestad Sentrum. The property was purchased in the summer of 2023 in a transaction facilitated by Fearnley Securities. Managing director Allan Sønderbæk from NRE talked at the time about the plans to manage the property pending final area regulation for Smestad, and then to regulate and develop a combined residential and commercial project.

Although development of the property with new homes and businesses is the goal, there is also a great desire to contribute to a more vibrant Smestad, - also while the development is in the planning phase.

- We have signed a contract with Joker, who will open a 300 square meter store in Sørkedalsveien 90A. We are opening the facade and establishing a new entrance towards the subway station. PBE gave framework permission last week, and the work will start soon, says Allan Sønderbæk.

NRE Norway AS Karenslyst Allé 2 0278 Oslo