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The Silo - a Copenhagen landmark

More and more people become aware of the rebuilding of The Silo which NRE Denmark A/S is in charge of.

In the September issue of the magasin Luxury Aficionados we are invited inside The Silo. 
NRE is rebuilding the old grain silo at Nordhavn (the one with the slogan ”HVA DRIKKER MØLR”). It causes attention as a 17-floor horn of plenty including all the luxury imaginable:
• Manned reception
• Private fitness
• Apartments in 2 floors
• The possibility of a private parking space in the basement - which is unique at Nordhavn 
• Several apartments having direct access to the lift
• Large terraces with a view in one-three directions
• The most expensive apartment in Denmark so far, ”Katedralen”
The entire area at Nordhavn is to be transformed from an old industrial harbour into a luxury oasis dedicated to the modern townsman. The apartments in The Silo cost from four to 30 million DKK, and the environment and the surroundings will become exciting and varied.
The architects and the building engineers of the capital as well as Klaus Kastbjerg (the creator of the project) are praised for the ambitious project.
At NRE we look forward to putting our fingerprint on this exciting project.
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Helsinkigade 29 DK-2150 Nordhavn
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NRE Denmark A/S Trelleborggade 3 DK-2150 Nordhavn
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The Silo - a Copenhagen landmark
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Thursday, September 10, 2015
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